Friday, December 31, 2010

Links To Doll-Related Web Sites

As of January 2011, this blog is no longer being updated. Some of these websites have probably disappeared and many of the links no longer work. At some point in the future, we might get back to it, but for now, Michael and Joy's Doll Page is on sabbatical.

Yahoo Doll Directories

Business and Economy:Shopping and Services:Toys:Dolls
Business and Economy:Shopping and Services:Toys:Dolls:Barbie

Other General Directories

Cloth Doll Links
Doll Collecting at
The Doll (lots of links)
Doll Net (on-line shops, bulletin boards, mailing list, chat rooms, etc.)

Barbie Family & Friends

Barbie Collector - The Official Barbie Web Site
Barbie Restoration at
Doll Attic, by Sandi Holder
Francie and Friends
Krista's Doll Restoration
Les's Doll Collection
Mod Colors
More Than Mod
Restored Beauty

Sasha Dolls

Sasha Dolls (maintained by Susanna Lewis)
The Sasha Page (maintained by Rebecca Pavley)
Sasha Doll Web Ring (maintained by Marie Morgan)

Other Sites for Specific Dolls

American Character Dolls
Carolyn's Rock 'n' Roll Ginny Dolls (also Ginger and Muffie)
Exclusively Ginny (Ginny Doll Bulletin Board)
Gene Collector's Ring
Little Annie's Attic (Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls & Toys Gift Store)
Little Miss Revlon
My Madame Alexander Cissy Dolls
Raggedy Land: The Raggedy Ann and Andy Home Page
Revlon Dolls
Rosie Schoenhut's Page
Schoenhut Dolls and new wooden dolls

Momoko and Her Ilk

Mimi Woo
Momoko at Barbiegirl
Momoko's Place
Noriko's Place - There Be Dolls Here!
Momoko at PetWorks

Dealers' Pages & Professional Sites

Arts & Crafts Bulletin Boards
Barbara's Dolls (antique dolls & collectible dolls thru the 1980s)
Blessings Expressions of Faith (nun dolls & figurines)
Clothing Creations by Irmgard (dresses for dolls & their children)
Debra's Doll's (antique dolls & doll clothing)
Denise Van Patten Dolls (antique to modern)
The Doll Market
The Doll Page
Dolls of Yesterday and Today
FAO Schwarz
Gigi's Dolls & Sherry's Teddy Bears, Inc.
Götz Dolls
Grandma's Attic
Hers & Mine Antiques, Inc.
Judy's Dolls (collectible dolls, clothing, accessories & more)
Kathy Libraty's Antique Dolls
Let's Play Dolls
Lynn Hautala's Doll Hotline (featuring Barbie & others)
M.J.K. Collectables (dolls, bears & more)
Madame Alexander Dolls
The Mary Hoyer Doll Company
My Dolly Dearest
Roberta's Doll House
Rosalie Whyel Museum of Doll Art
Theimer's French Dolls & Toys
The Toy Shoppe (Lynne & Michael Roche, Regina Sandreuter & more)
The Vogue Doll Company (has not been updated since September 2007)

Collectors & Personal Pages

Antique Dolls Collectors Online Advisors
A Century of Dolls (maintained by Karen D'Onofrio)
Denise Van Patten's Doll Blog
Dolls of Our Childhood (maintained by Judith Izen)
Doll Memories (personal memories of childhood dolls)
Jan's Dolls (Revlon, Tammy, Fashion Dolls, Vogue Ginnys)
Jayne's Doll Closet
Kruger's Deluxe Doll House
The Lotz Doll Pages (a celebration of carved dolls)
Small Plastic Dolls of the 1950s (maintained by Nancy Kerson)

Doll Auctions, Lists, Sales

Master Collector (primarily GI Joe & other action figures)
McMasters Harris Doll Auctions
Theriault's Online

Doll Magazines, Publications, etc.

Antique Doll Collector
Cloth Doll Magazine
Doll Magazine
The FashionDoll Scene
Haute Doll Magazine (Barbie Bazaar is, alas, no more)

Doll Care & Accessories

Monique Trading Corp. (doll wigs & accessories)
The Preservation Station (museum quality supplies for doll care & storage)
SureStand (unique adjustable stands for dolls)
TwinPines of Maine (cleaning & restoration supplies)

Miscellaneous Doll Sites

National Antique Doll Dealers Association
Toy Fair
United Federation of Doll Clubs